Piraeus Tower, a landmark is reborn

Piraeus Tower: A Landmark Reimagined, a Legacy Reborn

In the heart of Piraeus, a towering icon rises above the cityscape, and its story is one of renewal, transformation, and a celebration of history. The Piraeus Tower, once a silent witness to the city’s evolution, has undergone a remarkable rebirth, emerging as a symbol of modernity while preserving the echoes of its storied past.

A Sentinel of Time: For decades, Piraeus Tower stood as a sentinel of time, its silhouette gracing the Piraeus skyline. From the bustling port to the enchanting harbor, it silently observed the ebb and flow of maritime history, an enduring witness to the narratives of the city it called home.

Architectural Resurgence: Undergoing a meticulous process of architectural resurgence, Piraeus Tower has been revitalized to meet the demands of contemporary living while retaining its distinctive character. The fusion of modern design elements with the tower’s original architecture creates a harmonious blend, a testament to the seamless integration of past and present.


Piraeus Tower SA is a joint investment entity of Cante Holdings Ltd (DIMAND and EBRD group) and PRODEA Investments.


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