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About Me

George Fakaros is an Architectural and Hotel Photographer based in Greece, operating all over the world.

He believes that High End Architecture, Hotel Photography and Video Production requires working closely with the clients to determine their unique needs and the optimal solution, that is both cost-effective and professional.

From towering buildings and lavish hotels to expansive villas and elegant luxury homes, the architectural environment encompasses a diverse spectrum of structures that serve different purposes and satisfy different tastes and lifestyles. Photography allow us for the capturing of the intricate details, one-of-a-kind creations, unique designs and timeless beauty.

He and his team, combine the classic knowledge of traditional photography with innovative technologies and contemporary style.

He invests deeply in latest tech, ongoing software training, techniques, education and in new state of the art equipment. This commitment enables him to constantly raise the quality and caliber of his work!

"We feel that our greatest strength is in the experience and sophistication we bring along and that the attention to detail is maintained throughout our process." 

George Fakaros
Professional Architecture & Hotel Photographer - Worldwide

George Fakaros Photographer Architecture Hotel

"Capturing the soul of structures, George Fakaros transforms architecture into artistic brilliance. Through the lens, he unveils the harmonious dance of form and function, crafting narratives of design excellence. Elevate your vision with George Fakaros Architectural Photography – where every image tells a story of artistry and precision."

"We transform hotels into visual symphonies, capturing the essence of hospitality with an artful lens. Each photograph is a journey, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the luxury and allure of your establishment. Elevate your hotel's image with George Fakaros Hotel Photography – where every shot is a story waiting to be explored."

"We take photography to new heights, quite literally. Through our drone, the world transforms into an aerial canvas, where every shot tells a story of breathtaking beauty and limitless perspectives. Elevate your vision with George Fakaros Drone & Aerial Photography & Videography – capturing moments from above, turning ordinary views into extraordinary experiences."

"George Fakaros, a true visual storyteller, crafts cinematic narratives that transcend ordinary videography. With an artful touch, he transforms moments into captivating stories, breathing life into every frame. Elevate your narrative with George Fakaros Video Production – where each video is an immersive journey, capturing the essence of your story with unparalleled finesse."


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