Latypi Residence, Mykonos

A photo shoot based on architectural elements

Embark on a visual journey through the lens of a master storyteller as we unveil the enchanting Latypi Residence in Mykonos. This architectural gem, nestled amidst the azure embrace of the Aegean, comes to life through a mesmerizing photo shoot that captures the essence of luxury and Cycladic allure.

Latypi (λᾱτύπη in ancient Greek) are the chips of stone that are the by-product of hewing.
We intervene in this plot in the same way ancient stone cutters hewed large pieces of marble, skillfully transforming them into timeless pieces of Art.

The project applies a contemporary mindset to ancient Greek heritage, in reinventing the archetypical courtyard building type, which is endemic to the climate and way of life of Mykonos and neighboring Delos. Central courtyard arrangements have flourished on Greek land for four millennia, with much of daily life taking place within the semi-open spaces those create. All the above features are present at the new building.

Architects: A31 ΑRCHITECTURE P. Kondylis


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Photography – Videography © GEORGE FAKAROS



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