Kokkinou Kourkoulas, Athens

A photo shoot based on the architectural elements of the building

Dynamic Angles: Explore the dynamic angles and perspectives that define the SHOP & TRADE architecture. Architectural photography highlights the play of light and shadow on the facades, showcasing the intricate geometry and precise symmetry that characterize this cutting-edge office complex.

Interior Innovation: Step inside through the lens, and witness the innovation that permeates every corner of SHOP & TRADE. Architectural photography unveils the interior spaces, capturing the collaborative work environments, avant-garde meeting rooms, and communal areas designed for both productivity and comfort.

Open Workspaces: Photographs showcase the open workspaces, flooded with natural light, fostering a sense of connectivity and creativity. The design of SHOP&TRADE prioritizes a modern and flexible layout, where the boundaries between work and collaboration seamlessly dissolve.

Green Oasis: Architectural photography reveals the integration of nature into the urban workspace. Green rooftops, strategically placed planters, and vibrant outdoor spaces provide a refreshing oasis within the bustling city, underlining SHOP & TRADE’s commitment to a sustainable and enjoyable work environment.



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Photography  © GEORGE FAKAROS



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