Free Now Headquarters, Athens

Innovative Workspace

This photo shoot embarks you on a visual exploration through the lens of architectural photography as we delve into the dynamic design of the Free Now Headquarters in Athens. This contemporary workspace, designed to inspire innovation and collaboration, is a testament to modern architectural principles.

Interior Dynamics: Step inside the headquarters through the lens of the photographer. Architectural photography captures the fluidity of interior spaces, emphasizing the open layout that fosters communication and creativity among team members. The design promotes a balance between privacy and collaboration, creating an inspiring work environment.

Exterior Elegance: Architectural photography captures the exterior of the Free Now Headquarters, showcasing a sleek and modern facade that stands as a symbol of innovation. The use of glass, steel, and clean lines creates a harmonious blend with the urban landscape of Athens.

Architects: LC Architects


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Photography – Videography © GEORGE FAKAROS



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