Cosmote TV, Athens

cutting-edge facilities of cosmote tv

Futuristic Facade: Architectural photography introduces the viewer to the futuristic facade of Cosmote TV in Athens. The sleek lines, glass surfaces, and contemporary design elements come together to create a visual masterpiece that reflects the dynamic nature of the broadcasting industry.

Entrance Grandeur: Through the lens, witness the grandeur of the entrance area. Architectural photography captures the carefully crafted entrance, where the fusion of modern materials and strategic lighting creates an inviting and awe-inspiring welcome to visitors.

Studio Symmetry: Step into the heart of Cosmote TV’s production hub. Architectural photography explores the symmetry and precision of the studios, showcasing the state-of-the-art equipment and the adaptable spaces designed for seamless content creation.

Architects: LC Architects


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Photography – Videography © GEORGE FAKAROS



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