The One Acropolis, Mets, Athens

A Modern Icon in Historic Surroundings

Journey into the heart of Athens, where George Fakaros skillfully captures the architectural marvel that is The One Acropolis in the charming neighborhood of Mets. In this visual exploration, Fakaros unveils the seamless blend of modern design and historical allure that defines this unique residence.

A Modern Icon in Historic Surroundings: Nestled in the historic district of Mets, The One Acropolis emerges as a modern icon, harmonizing effortlessly with its storied surroundings. Fakaros’ lens navigates the striking juxtaposition of contemporary architecture against a backdrop of Athens’ rich history. Each photograph is a testament to The One Acropolis’s role as a beacon of modernity in a city steeped in tradition.

Panoramic Views of the Acropolis: Fakaros skillfully captures the breathtaking panoramic views that The One Acropolis commands. From its vantage point, the lens unfolds vistas of the Acropolis, an ancient masterpiece framed by the sleek lines of modernity. The rooftop terraces become a canvas for cityscapes, where historical and contemporary Athens coexist in splendid harmony.

Architectural Elegance: The architectural elegance of The One Acropolis takes center stage as Fakaros explores its design nuances. Clean lines, innovative use of space, and meticulous attention to detail define each frame. From the facade’s modern aesthetic to the thoughtfully crafted interiors, each photograph encapsulates the residence’s commitment to contemporary luxury.


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Photography – Videography © GEORGE FAKAROS



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