The design of an interior space always requires a game of balance between the different elements at play. The art of ”mix and match“ makes objects from different creative origins fit together.In this Kolonaki apartment, in a building designed and built in the 1960s by architect Renos Koutsouris, the initial layout was removed to start anew with an open-plan space as a neutral.The light is diffused in the space by penetrating through the white partition screens, which are perforated with a geometric star pattern reminiscent of the style of Islamic art’s ”mousharabie“.These translucent sheets simultaneously divide the space into different areas of use and unify it in a visual game between the exposed and semi-exposed. The screens form layers while playing with the sun’s rays and evoking the atmosphere of a Middle Eastern palace.The initial elements (building materials and fittings) are joined in their pure white palette with the white carpet that runs throughout and the white furniture.On this white canvas, artwork and antique pieces are combined with selected contemporary design pieces.The Eastern theme is interrupted by the fireplace’s decorative marble frame and a ”Trumeau“ style mirror that exudes 18th century French flair.The Middle Eastern inspiration continues
with antique art pieces such as Hindu deity figurines and an Indian Sitar, which add hints of an exotic air.As a counterpoint, contemporary designer furniture pieces dominate the dining area, which is combined with small note-like objects.The artificial lighting plays with the furniture in different ways: perforated screen lamps and hidden and exposed light sources highlight selected areas.Clear and effective interventions with innovative materials and new ideas that have continuously arisen during the renovation have evolved (and continuously transformed) the space.Within this framework, the possibilities that came from Koutsouri’s original layout were exhausted. In its place, an energy efficient, contemporary serene environment was created that offers large, airy unified spaces.

design by Expansive Design

construction management by Ioannis Kousoulas

photography © GEORGE FAKAROS