The residence is situated on a slope, at the boundary between Nea Erythrea and Ekali. The design’s preliminary aim was to create a flowing visual, fromall levels, towards the western view.This decision led to the building’s linear arrangement parallel to the length of the site.The architectural composition comprises three prisms placed on a differentiated,(by colour) base.The first prism is clad in marble and surrounds the main areas of the residence.The second prism protrudes over the first, shading the ground level’s west facing large openings.The third prism “embraces” the other two and accommodates the vertical correspondence between levels. Simultaneously it creates a closed boundary to the adjoining building, enhancing privacy.The materials were selected to generate familiarity, counteracting the austerity of the volumes.Their colour palette is based on earthy shades, combined with natural materials such as marble or wood. The shell cladding continues to the interior, which completes the visualisation of volumes; the large openings help unify the internal and external spaces.The residence’s first level is in contact with the ground at the site’s lowest level,which forms the basis of the remaining levels.The central ventilation system, autonomous within each space,provides thermal comfort throughout the year.The adaptable electrical installation adjusts to each user’s particular preferences and can adjust lighting, shading etc. Additionally, sound and image distribution, as well as voice data input, are facilitated for all spaces.

construction Dimitris Nikolis 

design by - supervision Work in Progress 

architect Kiriakos Keoglou

photography © GEORGE FAKAROS